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5051 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Wren, Mary Virginia (I6739)
5052 Wren papers say 11 Dec 1912, but the marriage book says 8 Dec 1912. Family: Alonzo Floyd Wren / Grace Mae Bates (F319)
5053 Wren to Vickers
The State of Arkansas
County of Hempstead
I, William J Scott a regularly ordained minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church South (my credentials being recorded in the Clerk's office Lafayette County Arkansas) did on the 15th day of February A.D. 1866 in the County of Hempstead and the State above written solemnize the rites of matrimony between Alonzo D. Wren aged 24 years and Francis G Vickers aged 16 years. Given under my hand on this day and year above written.
William J. Scott
Minister of the Gospel
Filed and recorded February 17th A.D. 1866 
Family: Alonzo Dossey Wren / Frances Georgia Vickers (F218)
5054 Wren, H Hudson (Mary J) asst dir FSA h 2713 Kilgore av Higgs, Mary (I3536)
5055 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Wren, Mary Virginia (I6739)
5056 Wren, H Hudson (Mary J) asst dir FSA h 2713 Kilgore av Wren, Henry Hudson (I6703)
5057 Wren, H Hudson (Mary J) state dir FSA h 5115 T

T St. is now Country Club Blvd in this section. 
Wren, Henry Hudson (I6703)
5058 Wren, H Hudson (Mary J) state dir FSA h 5115 T Higgs, Mary (I3536)
5059 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Wren, Mary Virginia (I6739)
5060 Wren, Hudson H (Mary J) agriculturalist FSO h 722 W 28th apt 2 Higgs, Mary (I3536)
5061 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Wren, Mary Virginia (I6739)
5062 Wren, Hudson H (Mary J) agriculturalist FSO h 722 W 28th apt 2 Wren, Henry Hudson (I6703)
5063 Wren, Hudson H (Mary J) supvr h 722 W 28th apt 4 Higgs, Mary (I3536)
5064 Wren, Hudson H (Mary J) supvr h 722 W 28th apt 4 Wren, Henry Hudson (I6703)
5065 Wrote the will with witnesses James C Galt, Jackson George, and Thaddeus L Henry. Hames, Edmund Simpson (I3239)
5066 WWI Draft registration says 1893 Thompson, John Ennis (I6012)
5067 WWII Draft Registration card shows address 2230 N. 14th (29th) St,Fort Smith, Sebastian Co., Arkansas Dickson, Robert Harrison (I2598)
5068 Yancy was an ensign of Prince Edward Co. during the Revolutionary War. Later moved to Persons Co, North Carolina. Bailey, Yancy (I699)
5069 Year of birth has been seen as 1856 and 1858. I think the latter is probably correct. Shiflett, John William (I5603)
5070 Year of birth is uncertain, but no earlier than 1901. Nelms, Chloe Amanda (I4812)
5071 Years after the fact, witnesses were sent to investigate whether the wives of Green and Smith had entered into the sale willingly. Bailey, Peter Cock (I660)
5072 Zachariah Baker is appointed Surveyor of the Road in the Room of Bazwell Wagstaff. Baker, Zachariah (I732)
5073 Zachary T. Cason is enumerated in 1850 as Taylor Cason. He is alsolisted as 2 years old in 1850. Cason, Zachariah T. (I1586)
5074 Zenas is recorded sometimes as Zenas T. and sometimes as Zenas I.Tennyson. We believe his middle name was Ignatious. According to Pushmataha County Cemeteries, Zenas is buried in the Antlers Cemetery next to his wife and near his daughter. For reasons not at all clear,in the 1910 Pushmataha Co., OK census, Zenas is ennumerated as Jessie. This could be a transcription error since a transcription rather than the actual record was viewed.

MARRIAGE: IGI M520401,1230 
Tennison, Zenas Ignatious (I5938)
5075 Zeneth went to Texas and nothing further is known.

Looks like he is in pike county arkansas in 1860.

Eugene Biggers called him Zeneth. Also seen as Zenis (Zenas). 
Biggers, Zenath G. (I937)
5076 Zinia is living with her son, Walter, in 1940. Jones, Elzenia Mildred (I3989)
5077 [,,GoodspeedTN]

Called: IGI lists as Alexander I. Cooper


Alex served in the Civil War and was a magistrate in Bedford County, Tennessee. He also served as deputy clerk of the county court for ten years. 
Cooper, Alexander Alvin (I2030)
5078 [,,GoodspeedTN]

Robert never married. 
Cooper, Robert Singleton (I2080)
5079 [,,GoodspeedTN]

Sometimes she is seen as Elizabeth Sarah Cooper.

Sarah never married. 
Cooper, Sarah A. (I2087)
5080 [,,GoodspeedTN] Cooper, Alexander Alvin Jr. (I2031)
5081 [,,GoodspeedTN] Cooper, Constance (I2038)
5082 [,,GoodspeedTN] Cooper, Henry Vincent (I2047)
5083 [,,GoodspeedTN] Singleton, Mary Elizabeth (I5650)
5084 [,,GoodspeedTN] Singleton, Robert L. (I5651)
5085 [bailey, 1963, ], [bailey, 1868, gm11]

Was from near Hackett, Sebastian, AR. Originally married to Mr. John O. Brewer. He was killed in the Civil War. He died in camp shortly after reporting and never actually saw battle. After the war, she married Hume F. Bailey. It was also his second marriage.Census reports that she was born in AL, and her parents were born in TN. 
Council, Sarah Louise (I2132)
5086 [whitten,, sam scott wren], [whitten,1979, henry franklin whitten], Whitten, Henry Franklin (I6475)
5087 [whitten,,sam scott wren], , N5, n1

There has been some discussion about the birth and death dates of Millie Almand. Her tombstone says she was born 1 May 1861 and died 9 Jan 1902. Mildred Wren says 3 May 1860-9 Jan 1901. Robert Hale says 1 May 1861-9 Jan 1901. 
Almand, Millie Lucinda (I329)
5088 [whitten,,sam scott wren], [wren, 1945, ] Wren, Marion (I6732)
5089 [whitten,,sam scott wren],[wren,1945,]

In her younger years, Mildred was a school teacher. Some years after she married, she and her husband Henry took up farming rather than teaching. They raised cattle and timber. 
Wren, Mildred (I6742)
5090 ~SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER: 430 09 4927

MILITARY: Richard I. Dickson served in the U.S. Army during WWII in the European Theater. He received the Distinguished Flying Cross as well as five Bronze Stars for his actions during the war. Richard enlisted 31 July 1942. (I can find nothing to back up Richard's decorations. This is based on a brief news article found in Ethel Garner's things. Researching this appears that it is a confusion with another Richard Dickson)

Richard and Louise had no children.

From Cheryl Gilbert on Facebook:
Hi Scott-
I don't really know much about Uncle Dick's WWII service. My dad was stationed in Europe and I seem to remember them talking about it, but I was a kid and didn't pay much attention.
Here is what I do know:
He and Aunt Louise both worked for the County of Los Angeles in the Flood Control District. They wanted to have kids, but were unable to. At one time they were going to adopt, which was a long and arduous undertaking back then. They had gotten close to the top of the list and they decided to move to a house with a bigger backyard. They had no idea that if you moved you had to start the whole process over again. They figured that by the time they got to the top of the list again they would be too old so they dropped it.
They always had dogs. I remember them having two cocker spaniels at one time and later on I think they had a golden retriever, but I'm not sure about that.
They both retired from the County in the late 70s (I think). I remember going to Uncle Dick's retirement dinner. Aunt Louise didn't have one as she had taken a medical retirement. She had polio as a child and even though there was no paralysis, she always had health problems. She died after a long illness and Uncle Dick was never the same after that.
About a year after she died he decided to go to Arkansas to visit family. He bought a new car for the trip. He was supposed to be gone 2-3 weeks and I thought he would call me when he got there, but I didn't hear from him. I waited about 3 /12 weeks and called; he said he got as far as the California border and was so lonely he turned around and came back. I guess he was too embarrassed to call and tell me.
In the last year of his life his health declined and he had been hospitalized a few times. The last time he was in the hospital I was there visiting and he told me that he thought it would be best if he went into a nursing home, at least for awhile and asked me to find one for him. I called the hospital the next day to see if they had an affiliation with a nursing home and he had died during the night. I was very upset that they didn't call me.
His best friend was named Norm Plater and he was also Uncle Dick's attorney and a fellow member of his Masonic Lodge. Norm made the arrangements for the Masonic funeral. Norm has probably passed away by now.
Uncle Dick had a great sense of humor and he and my dad were always pulling practical jokes on each other. I'm pretty sure that he played golf. I don't remember ever meeting any of his family.
That's all that I can remember right now.
Look forward to hearing from you on Facebook!

Cheryl Gilbert
Mar 10, 2015

Hi Scott-
Richard Dickson was my uncle my marriage; he was married to Louise Jones, who was my father's sister. I remember Uncle Dick very well. They lived fairly close to us in Southern California and we used to see them pretty often. I also spent time with them a few summers when I was a child. I assume that you know that he was very active in Masons (I seem to remember that he was a 32nd degree Mason) and had a Masonic funeral. He and my aunt are buried in Rose Hills Cemetery in Whittier, Calif. I have visited the graves a few times.
I will be happy to share my family tree with you. I am working on the Jones line and finding it very frustrating as they repeated names in every generation. I think I have some pictures of Uncle Dick and Aunt Louise and will try to upload them.
If you're on Facebook my name is Cheryl Gilbert. 
Dickson, Richard Isaac (I2597)
5091 ~SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER: 432 05 3884

Louise's mother's maiden name was Cobb.

Jones, Eleanor Louise (I4000)
5092 ~SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER: 563 66 6540

CHILDREN: Had no children.

Corrine's mother's maiden name was Delaney.

Pullen, Corinne (I5204)

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