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Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts


Tree: Scott Dickson's Family

Latitude: 41.9583306, Longitude: -70.6677806


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Billington  Abt 1646Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8718
2 Billington, Dorcas  Abt 1650Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8720
3 Billington, Elizabeth  10 Jul 1635Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8714
4 Billington, Isaac  1644Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8700
5 Billington, Joseph  Bef Feb 1636/7Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8715
6 Billington, Lydia  CA 1677Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8696
7 Billington, Martha  Abt 1638Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8716
8 Billington, Mary  Abt 1640Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8717
9 Billington, Mercy  25 Feb 1651/2Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8721
10 Billington, Rebecca  8 Jun 1647Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8719
11 Bryant, Benjamin  16 Dec 1688Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8822
12 Bumpas, Wilborah  15 May 1672Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8698
13 Coombs, Francis  Abt 1635Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8993
14 Coombs, John  Abt 1632Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8842
15 Eaton  Aft 22 May 1627Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8901
16 Eaton, Benjamin  Mar 1627/8Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8824
17 Eaton, Benjamin  Abt 1663Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8823
18 Eaton, Benjamin  CA 1698Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8982
19 Eaton, David  CA 1708Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8987
20 Eaton, Ebenezer  CA 1674Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8967
21 Eaton, Elisha  CA 1703Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8985
22 Eaton, Francis  CA 1700Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8984
23 Eaton, Hannah  10 Feb 1692Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8821
24 Eaton, Jabez  8 Feb 1693Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8979
25 Eaton, John  6 Oct 1697Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8981
26 Eaton, Mary  CA 1699Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8983
27 Eaton, Rachel  Abt 1625Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8897
28 Eaton, Rebecca  CA 1675Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8968
29 Eaton, Sarah  Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8966
30 Eaton, Sarah  20 Oct 1695Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8980
31 Eaton, William  Bef 1669Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8965
32 Eaton, William  1 Jun 1691Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8978
33 Glass, Hannah  24 Dec 1651Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8701
34 Hoskins, Sarah  16 Sep 1637Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8899
35 Howland, Desire  1624Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9093
36 Howland, Elizabeth  Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9099
37 Howland, Hannah  Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9103
38 Howland, Hope  30 Aug 1629Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9097
39 Howland, Isaac  Abt 1649Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9074
40 Howland, Jabez  CA 1644Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9105
41 Howland, John  24 Apr 1627Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9095
42 Howland, Joseph  CA 1640Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9104
43 Howland, Lydia  Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9102
44 Howland, Ruth  CA 1646Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9106
45 Irish, Elizabeth  BY 1644Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8736
46 Moriarty, Florence R.  3 Jul 1908Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I4741
47 Moriarty, Francis J.  25 Nov 1910Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I7004
48 Moriarty, Lillian Helen  30 Sep 1905Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I4744
49 Pontus, Hannah  SAY 1624Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8943
50 Washburn  22 Sep 1716Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8733

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Dorothy  Abt 1624Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8894
2 Elinor  Aft 2 Mar 1642/3Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8710
3 Elizabeth  5 Oct 1652–10 Jan 1660/1Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8896
4 Sarah  1621Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8893
5 Allerton, Sarah  Bef 24 Oct 1633Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8988
6 Billington  Abt 1646Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8718
7 Billington, John  22 May 1627–SEP 1630Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8709
8 Billington, John  30 Sep 1630Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8708
9 Billington, Lydia  23 Sep 1716Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8696
10 Billington, Rebecca  Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8719
11 Coombs, John  BY 15 Oct 1646Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8992
12 Eaton, Francis  25 Oct 1633–8 Nov 1633Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8711
13 Eaton, William  23 Apr 1745–15 Jun 1748Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8978
14 Howland, John  23 Feb 1672/3Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9085
15 Irish, John  BY 5 Mar 1677/8Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8741
16 Pontus, William  9 Feb 1652/3Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8704
17 Priest, Degory  1 Jan 1620/1Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8844
18 Washburn  22 Sep 1716Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8733


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Washburn, Barnabas  27 Mar 1709Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8729
2 Washburn, Ebenezer  9 Oct 1709Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8731
3 Washburn, Elisha  27 Mar 1709Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8695
4 Washburn, Ephraim  27 Mar 1709Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8728
5 Washburn, Icabod  27 Mar 1709Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8726
6 Washburn, Jabez  27 Mar 1709Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8730
7 Washburn, John  27 Mar 1709Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8725
8 Washburn, Mercy  27 Mar 1709Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8727


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Elinor  Dec 1620Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8710
2 Billington, John  1620Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8709
3 Billington, John  Dec 1620Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8708
4 Bumpas, Edward  1621Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8920
5 Conant, Governor Roger  1624Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8756
6 Coombs, John  Abt 12 Oct 1630Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8992
7 Hansen, Wybra  1632Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8705
8 Irish, John  1630Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8741
9 Moore, Margery  Apr 1635Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8738
10 Penn, Christian  Bef 1623Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8707
11 Pontus, William  1632Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8704
12 Samson, Henry  Dec 1620Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9014
13 Washborne, John  1632Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8737
14 Washborne, Philip  Apr 1635Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8734


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Misc    Person ID 
1 Billington, John  11 Nov 1620Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8708
2 Billington, John  Mar 1621Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8708
3 Billington, John  1627Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8708
4 Coombs, John  1633Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8992
5 Coombs, John  3 Sep 1639Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8992
6 Coombs, John  5 Jun 1644Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8992
7 Eaton, Benjamin  11 Feb 1635/6Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8824
8 Eaton, Benjamin  14 Jan 1642/3Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8824
9 Eaton, Francis  Dec 1620Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8711
10 Penn, Christian  1623Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8707
11 Penn, Christian  1627Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8707
12 Priest, Degory  Dec 1620Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8844
13 Samson, Henry  Dec 1620Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9014


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Eaton, Francis  Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8711
2 Moriarty, Daniel David  30 Sep 1905Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I4740
3 Washborne, John  Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8737


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Possessions    Person ID 
1 Elinor  8 Jan 1637/8Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8710
2 Elinor  21 Sep 1638Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8710
3 Billington, Francis  8 Jan 1637/8Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8706
4 Billington, John  1623Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8708
5 Eaton, Francis  1623Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8711


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Howland, John  6 Mar 1672/3Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9085
2 Pontus, William  4 Mar 1652/3Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8704


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Armstrong, George  1638Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8871
2 Billington, Francis  25 Mar 1633Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8706
3 Billington, Francis  27 Mar 1634Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8706
4 Bumpas, Edward  1621Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8920
5 Eaton, Francis  25 Mar 1633Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8711
6 Hoskins, William  1634Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8900
7 Shea, Ellen  Aug 1915Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I5564


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Howland, John  29 May 1672Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9085
2 Pontus, William  9 Sep 1650Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8704


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Armstrong /   14 Sep 1638–21 Sep 1638Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F3418
2 Billington / Glass  Bef 1675Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F3351
3 Bryant / Bryant  23 Nov 1665Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F3408
4 Bumpas /   BY 1631Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F3442
5 Churchill / Pontus  18 Dec 1644Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F3453
6 Delano / Pontus  BY 17 Jan 1653/4Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F3452
7 Dickinson / Howland  10 Jul 1651Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F3511
8 Eaton /   Abt 1622–1623Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F3402
9 Eaton /   BY 1646Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F3431
10 Eaton / Billington  10 Jan 1660/1Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F3432
11 Eaton / Coombs  18 Dec 1689Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F3400
12 Eaton / Hoskins  4 Dec 1660Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F3401
13 Eaton / Penn  Abt 1624Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F3356
14 Hicks / Howland  13 Sep 1649Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F3510
15 Howland / Lee  26 Oct 1651Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F3508
16 Howland / Tilley  Bef 25 Mar 1624Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F3502
17 Irish /   Abt 1644Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F3364
18 Ramsden / Eaton  2 Mar 1645/6Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F3433
19 Rickard / Pontus  25 Jun 1669Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F3454
20 Samson /   6 Feb 1635/6Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F3478
21 Washborne / Irish  BY 1664Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F3360
22 Washborne / Mitchell  6 Dec 1645Plymouth, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F3435

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