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Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts


Tree: Scott Dickson's Family

Latitude: 41.8930611, Longitude: -70.9116694


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bennett, Anna  4 Feb 1713Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9069
2 Bennett, Deborah  29 Jan 1722/3Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9073
3 Bennett, Elizabeth  28 Mar 1701Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9064
4 Bennett, Elizabeth  2 Jul 1731Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9051
5 Bennett, Isaac  7 Jan 1703Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9065
6 Bennett, Jael  22 Sep 1717Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9071
7 Bennett, Jedediah  15 Dec 1715Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9070
8 Bennett, John  7 Feb 1733/4Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9053
9 Bennett, Lt. Joseph Jr.  16 Nov 1704Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9028
10 Bennett, Joseph  20 Sep 1737Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9057
11 Bennett, Lucy \ Lucia  2 Oct 1725Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8835
12 Bennett, Nathan  23 Oct 1720Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9072
13 Bennett, Peter  16 Mar 1709Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9067
14 Bennett, Priscilla  21 Aug 1711Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9068
15 Bennett, Priscilla  19 May 1729Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9050
16 Bennett, Samuel  26 Mar 1736Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9055
17 Bennett, Susanna  10 Jul 1707Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9066
18 Bennett, William  9 Jun 1727Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9049
19 Billington, Desire  CA 1675Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8906
20 Billington, Eleanor  CA 1683Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8907
21 Billington, Isaac  CA 1692/3Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8910
22 Billington, Mary  CA 1685Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8908
23 Billington, Seth  CA 1687Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8909
24 Briggs, Ebenezer Jr  CA 1750Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9039
25 Bryant, Abner  CA 1754Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8831
26 Bryant, Amasa  CA 1758Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8832
27 Bryant, Benjamin  24 Oct 1741Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8828
28 Bryant, Ephraim  Aft 1758Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8833
29 Bryant, Hannah  CA 1748Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8830
30 Bryant, Jerusha  CA 1750Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8625
31 Bryant, Micah  2 Apr 1744Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8829
32 Ellis  12 Mar 1779Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8670
33 Ellis  4 Mar 1786Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8672
34 Ellis  20 Mar 1788Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8673
35 Ellis  4 Feb 1793Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9026
36 Ellis, Abner  17 Apr 1790Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8674
37 Ellis, Amasa  CA Aug 1794Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9027
38 Ellis, Betty  12 May 1754Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8837
39 Ellis, Charles Jr  9 Aug 1760Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9042
40 Ellis, Cornelius  16 Oct 1749Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8624
41 Ellis, Daniel  17 Sep 1760Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8839
42 Ellis, Ebenezer  15 Jan 1752Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8836
43 Ellis, Gamaliel  27 Sep 1757Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8838
44 Ellis, George  10 May 1747Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9036
45 Ellis, Jerusha  19 Apr 1781Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I7072
46 Ellis, Joseph  1 Apr 1745Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9034
47 Ellis, Lucy  17 Jan 1763Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8840
48 Ellis, Mary  7 Nov 1743Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9032
49 Ellis, Matthias  7 Mar 1719/20Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8834
50 Ellis, Nancy  3 Feb 1777Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8669

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bennett, Anna  7 Jan 1714/5Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9069
2 Bennett, Jedediah  23 Aug 1745Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9070
3 Bennett, Joseph  19 Nov 1737Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9057
4 Bennett, Lt. Joseph Jr.  3 Jan 1741/2Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9028
5 Bennett, Lucy \ Lucia  3 Oct 1804Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8835
6 Bennett, Capt. Peter  22 Oct 1749Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9060
7 Bennett, Priscilla  16 May 1745Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9050
8 Bennett, William  20 Aug 1727Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9049
9 Billington, Francis  3 Dec 1684Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8706
10 Billington, Isaac  11 Dec 1709Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8700
11 Billington, Seth  Bef 27 May 1718Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8909
12 Briggs, Ebenezer Jr  15 Feb 1824Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9039
13 Bryant, Abner  28 Apr 1775Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8831
14 Bryant, Ephraim  Bef 24 Jan 1787Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8833
15 Bryant, Hannah  19 Sep 1833Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8830
16 Bryant, Micah  28 Jan 1776Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8820
17 Ellis  6 Feb 1793Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9026
18 Ellis, Amasa  11 Oct 1795Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9027
19 Ellis, Betty  17 May 1830Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8837
20 Ellis, Cornelius  21 Feb 1807–22 Feb 1807Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8624
21 Ellis, Ebenezer  1 Aug 1820Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8836
22 Ellis, Matthias  1 Jan 1790Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8834
23 Ellis, Priscilla  21 Aug 1784Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8668
24 Glass, Hannah  30 Aug 1704–9 Dec 1709Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8701
25 Howes, Experience  19 Nov 1758Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9059
26 Howland, Elizabeth  1 Apr 1685Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9080
27 Howland, Isaac  9 Mar 1723/4Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9074
28 Howland, Priscilla  3 Mar 1746Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9063
29 Norcutt, Elizabeth  23 Jan 1776Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8825
30 Norcutt, Ephraim  Bef 26 Apr 1757Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9005
31 Norcutt, Patience  3 Jan 1803Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9004
32 Penn, Christian  CA 1684Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8707
33 Samson, Seth  14 May 1770Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9047
34 Sproat, Lt. Ebenezer  28 Sep 1726Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9058
35 Sproat, Robert  24 Nov 1711–11 Dec 1712Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9121
36 Sproat, Thankful  19 Feb 1788Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9029
37 Vaughn, Elizabeth  29 Oct 1727Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9075


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bennett, Lucy \ Lucia  Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8835
2 Ellis, Matthias  Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8834


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Sproat, Ebenezer  21 May 1727Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9119


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Moriarty, Daniel David  22 Apr 1910Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I4740
2 Moriarty, Daniel Matthew  22 Apr 1910Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I4738
3 Moriarty, Florence R.  22 Apr 1910Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I4741
4 Moriarty, John Edward  22 Apr 1910Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I7003
5 Moriarty, Josephine Elizabeth  22 Apr 1910Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I4743
6 Moriarty, Lillian Helen  22 Apr 1910Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I4744
7 Moriarty, Mary A.  22 Apr 1910Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I4745
8 Shea, Ellen  22 Apr 1910Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I5564


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Misc    Person ID 
1 Bennett, Capt. Peter  Sep 1701Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9060
2 Ellis, Matthias  6 Sep 1790Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8834
3 Howland, Isaac  1 Nov 1684Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9074
4 Howland, Isaac  Sep 1686Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9074
5 Howland, Isaac  Sep 1704Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9074
6 Howland, Priscilla  Sep 1701Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9063
7 Sproat, Robert  4 May 1658Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9121


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Possessions    Person ID 
1 Billington, Isaac  9 Dec 1709Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8700


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Bryant, Micah  4 Mar 1776Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8820
2 Ellis, Cornelius  15 Apr 1807Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8624
3 Howland, Isaac  6 Apr 1724Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9074
4 Sproat, Robert  11 Dec 1712Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9121


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Religion    Person ID 
1 Bennett, Lucy \ Lucia  2 Nov 1794Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8835


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Billington, Francis  166Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8706
2 Billington, Francis  1669Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8706
3 Bryant, Hannah  24 Jan 1787Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8830


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Bennett, Capt. Peter  5 Oct 1749Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9060
2 Howland, Isaac  6 Feb 1717/8Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9074
3 Sproat, Lt. Ebenezer  8 Sep 1726Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9058
4 Sproat, Robert  23 Nov 1711Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9121
5 Vaughn, Elizabeth  13 Oct 1725Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9075
6 Vaughn, George Sr.  30 Jun 1694Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I9076


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bennett / Bennett  Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F3496
2 Bennett / Sproat  18 Nov 1725Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F3480
3 Bennett / White  Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F3495
4 Briggs / Ellis  16 Mar 1775Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F3486
5 Bryant / Conant  10 Apr 1744Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F3413
6 Cobb / Ellis  24 Oct 1765Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F3482
7 Ellis / Bennett  7 Apr 1743Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F3404
8 Ellis / Bryant  13 Mar 1774Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F3320
9 Ellis / Ellis  13 Apr 1788Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F3489
10 Ellis / Stephens  Aft 1 May 1773Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F3484
11 Ellis / Wood  20 Nov 1777Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F3485
12 Haskell / Fox  15 Nov 1757Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F3516
13 Haskell / Sproat  14 Oct 1772Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F3493
14 Howland / Vaughn  Abt 1676Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F3500
15 Miller / Howes  22 Nov 1731Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F3518
16 Morton / Bennett  Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F3494
17 Samson / Sproat  9 Oct 1758Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F3492
18 Thomas / Ellis  8 Dec 1791Middleboro, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F3491

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