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Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts


Tree: Scott Dickson's Family

Latitude: 42.1047200, Longitude: -70.9458300


Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bates, Lt. Benjamin  1728Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8576
2 Dyer, Elizabeth  19 Mar 1740Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8577
3 Bates, Betsy  8 Jul 1778Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8545
4 Peterson, Asaph Torrey  22 Mar 1779Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8537
5 Peterson, Benjamin  11 Jul 1804Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8546
6 Peterson, Sally  13 Oct 1806Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8547
7 Peterson, Asaph  14 Apr 1808Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8548
8 Peterson, Luther  9 Dec 1813Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8562
9 Peterson, Elbridge  1 Apr 1816Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8569
10 Peterson, Elizabeth Amelia  4 Feb 1818Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8561
11 Peterson, Edward Bates  4 Sep 1818Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8570
12 Peterson, Sally  27 Jun 1822Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8575
13 Peterson, Algernon Asaph  10 Aug 1832Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8551
14 Peterson, Emily Bates  16 Mar 1834Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8558
15 Peterson, Almira Stetson  25 May 1834Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8544
16 Peterson, Benjamin F.  Jun 1836Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I7045
17 Peterson, Elizabeth  30 Sep 1836Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8559
18 Peterson, Silas Noyes  20 May 1837Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8552
19 Peterson, Lydia Howland  25 Dec 1837Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8564
20 Peterson, Harriet Augustus  4 May 1838Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8565
21 Peterson, Ellen Mehitable  6 Aug 1839Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8553
22 Peterson, Eveline Bates  17 Apr 1840Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8566
23 Peterson, Julia Ann  17 Dec 1840Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8572
24 Peterson, Betsey Bates  12 May 1841Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8554
25 Peterson, Almira S.  23 Jan 1842Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I7046
26 Peterson, George Edward  7 Apr 1843Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8573
27 Peterson, James Bates  14 Jul 1843Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8555
28 Peterson, Warren  31 Mar 1845Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8567
29 Peterson, Alma Amelia  22 Apr 1846Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8574
30 Peterson, Sarah Oldham  6 Dec 1846Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I4850
31 Peterson, Herbert Austin  13 Aug 1849Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8568
32 Peterson, Zenas E.  27 Feb 1851Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I7041
33 Merrow, Lester Everette  21 Nov 1874Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I4629
34 Mahoney, Eileen Louise  16 Jun 1904Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I7223
35 Moriarty, E.L.   I7280
36 Moriarty, John  Abt 1923Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I7294
37 Moriarty, Daniel David  18 Nov 1925Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I7241
38 Moriarty, Ruth Florence  3 May 1927Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I7254
39 Moriarty, P.F.   I7260
40 Moriarty, B.A.   I7272
41 Moriarty, K.   I7276


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Nash, Hannah  Bef Jul 1785Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8580
2 Bates, Lt. Benjamin  5 Mar 1800Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8576
3 Peterson, Sally  19 Nov 1806Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8547
4 Dyer, Elizabeth  27 Aug 1815Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8577
5 Peterson, Benjamin  15 Apr 1825Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8546
6 Peterson, Almira Stetson  1 Oct 1835Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8544
7 Peterson, Eveline Bates  22 Jan 1843Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8566
8 Peterson, Elizabeth  25 Apr 1845Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8559
9 Bates, Betsy  23 Aug 1860Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8545
10 Peterson, Asaph Torrey  12 Jan 1863Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8537
11 Moriarty, John  Abt 1924Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I7294
12 Moriarty, Daniel David  1932Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I7241
13 Moriarty, John Edward  30 Jun 1968Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I7003
14 Mahoney, Eileen Louise  28 Aug 1977Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I7223


Matches 1 to 33 of 33

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 Peterson, Asaph Torrey  1830Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8537
2 Peterson, Asaph Torrey  1840Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8537
3 Peterson, Almira S.  Aug 1850Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I7046
4 Peterson, Benjamin F.  Aug 1850Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I7045
5 Peterson, Franklin  Aug 1850Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I7040
6 Peterson, Sarah Oldham  Aug 1850Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I4850
7 Stetson, Almira  Aug 1850Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I7042
8 Bates, Betsy  29 Aug 1850Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8545
9 Peterson, Asaph Torrey  29 Aug 1850Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8537
10 Peterson, Sally  29 Aug 1850Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8575
11 Peterson, Almira S.  1 Jun 1855Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I7046
12 Peterson, Benjamin F.  1 Jun 1855Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I7045
13 Peterson, Franklin  1 Jun 1855Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I7040
14 Peterson, Sarah Oldham  1 Jun 1855Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I4850
15 Peterson, Zenas E.  1 Jun 1855Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I7041
16 Stetson, Almira  1 Jun 1855Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I7042
17 Peterson, Almira S.  22 Jun 1860Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I7046
18 Peterson, Benjamin F.  22 Jun 1860Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I7045
19 Peterson, Franklin  22 Jun 1860Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I7040
20 Peterson, Sarah Oldham  22 Jun 1860Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I4850
21 Peterson, Zenas E.  22 Jun 1860Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I7041
22 Stetson, Almira  22 Jun 1860Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I7042
23 Bates, Betsy  25 Jun 1860Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8545
24 Peterson, Asaph Torrey  25 Jun 1860Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8537
25 Peterson, Almira S.  May 1865Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I7046
26 Peterson, Franklin  May 1865Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I7040
27 Peterson, Sarah Oldham  May 1865Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I4850
28 Peterson, Zenas E.  May 1865Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I7041
29 Stetson, Almira  May 1865Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I7042
30 Peterson, Franklin  16 Jun 1870Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I7040
31 Peterson, Sarah Oldham  16 Jun 1870Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I4850
32 Peterson, Zenas E.  16 Jun 1870Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I7041
33 Stetson, Almira  16 Jun 1870Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I7042


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Bates, Lt. Benjamin  Abt 1780Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8576
2 Peterson, Benjamin F.  1855Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I7045
3 Peterson, Benjamin F.  1857Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I7045


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Misc    Person ID 
1 Peterson, Edward Bates  16 Feb 1863Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8570
2 Peterson, Franklin  16 Feb 1863Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I7040
3 Peterson, Luther  16 Feb 1863Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8562
4 Peterson, Sally  16 Feb 1863Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8575
5 Peterson, Washington  16 Feb 1863Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8556


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Dyer, Christopher  18 Nov 1786Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8579


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Dyer, Christopher  11 Jul 1785Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts I8579


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Dyer / Nash  20 Dec 1725Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F3301
2 Bates / Dyer  15 Nov 1759Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F3299
3 Peterson / Bates  4 Aug 1803Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F3288
4 Peterson / Noyes  1 Sep 1831Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F3293
5 Peterson / Stetson  10 Jan 1833Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F2739
6 Peterson / Bates  9 May 1833Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F3295
7 Peterson / Howland  29 Oct 1835Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F3297
8 Peterson / Noyes  14 Nov 1839Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F3298
9 Hooper / Thayer  17 Nov 1841Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F2740
10 Peterson / Sherman  19 May 1842Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F3294
11 Bickford / Peterson  15 Oct 1865Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F3291
12 Merrow / Peterson  13 Apr 1873Abington, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts F1461

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