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3201 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Friesen, D.A. (I3049)
3202 Widow.

Also named as TANNER. 
Turner, M. T. (I6118)
3203 Wilder claims that he was born in Caswell Co, North Carolina. That seems, perhaps, more reasonable to me. Additionally, some marriage records say he is from VA. Ware, Thomas (I6366)
3204 Will be sold on the 1st Tuesday in June next, at the market-house in the town of Eatonton, Putnam County, the following property, to wit: ... 100 acres of land whereon Catharine Blalock now lives in the waters of of Murder Creek ... levied on as the property of Solomon Blalock, to satisfy a if fa in favor of M & J Whitfield vs. William K. Deshazo. Georgia Journal, Milledgeville Deshazo, William King (I2544)
3205 Will be sold on the second Thursday in April next, at the last residence of Lewis Deshazo, deceased, in the county of Putnam, on the waters of Cedar Creek, adjoining Cary Cox and others, a part of the estate of said deceased; to wit: horses, hogs, cattle, sheep, corn and fodder (signed) William H Deshazo, William King, administrators - Georgia Journal, Milledgeville. Deshazo, Louis \ Lewis (I2509)
3206 Will Higgs also acted as an agent for a company selling men's suits for several years. Higgs, John William (I3534)
3207 Will Higgs appears to have sold life insurance in addition to working for the newspaper. Advertisements appear throughout the years 1913-1918 for his as an agent for Merchant's Life life insurance. Higgs, John William (I3534)
3208 Will Higgs operated and worked at newspapers throughout Arkansas and Oklahoma. Working as a printer in Texarkana in 1875, he moved to DeQueen, AR to publish the DeQueen Democrat Record. He served newspapers in Alma, AR and Van Buren, AR before moving to Idabel, OK in 1911 to work at the Idabel Democrat Record. He died of pneumonia after an illness of about two weeks. According to initial reports of his death, his remains were to be shipped to Boyce, TX. The rationale for this report is unknown. Perhaps he had as yet undiscovered family in that area. He was not from that area and he had no siblings or known family there or any connection at all to the area. But, since this was reported, it ought to be followed up to find out of there is a connection.

N4, h2

J.W. Higgs worked for the Idabel Democrat Record, successor to the McCurtain Record in Idabel, Oklahoma for a number of years. From time to time, Will was listed as Editor or Publisher. But, generally, that was held for Tom G. Taylor, who owned the paper. Tom G. Taylor purchased the McCurtain Beacon Times in 1914, consolidating it with the Democrat Record. Then in June 1914, he ran for state representative and was elected in November 1914.

17 Sep 1914 - J.W. Higgs, Jr, who has been visiting his parents for a week, left Tuesday for Leesville, La., where he will complete his work with the civil engineering corp of the KCS preparatory to returning tothe University at Fayetteville, Ark. to complete his course.

1 Oct 1914 - Negro Loving Socialist - Anarchist & Infidel (headline in Idabel Democrat Record)

8 Oct 1914 - Socialism vs. Religion - Shows its enmity to all things good by its own arguments (editorial by J.W. Higgs)

26 Nov 1914 - Armour Higgs was a guest of his brother, Pat, Sunday.

24 Dec 1914 - J.W. Higgs, Jr. arrived in the city from Louisiana where he holds an important position in the civil engineering department of the Kansas City Southern railway, to spend Christmas with his parents.

24 Dec 1914 - Morton T. Higgs, who is attending the University of Arkansas, came on Sunday to spend the holidays with his parents.

7 Jan 1915, Vol. 7, #44 is the first issue of the Democrat-Record that lists J.W. Higgs as publisher and Tom G. Taylor as owner & editor.Also included in this issue are notes that Morton Higgs left Sunday,having spent the holidays with his parents, for Fayetteville, Ark,where he goes to resume his studies.

21 Jan 1915 - School Notes - The Literary Society Program includes avocal trio - Mabel Dewitt, Noreen Ellers, and Lida Higgs

28 Jan 1915 - Honor Roll of pupils of Idabel Public Schools, not late or tardy for the month of ending 22 Jan 1915, in Mrs. Higgs class at Central School (also listed for 19 Feb 1915), and Lida Higgs in the High School.

11 Mar 1915 - School Notes - Literary Society Debate - Resolved that women should have suffrage in Oklahoma - on the negative side, Lida Higgs.

1 Apr 1915 - After a weekend visit with her sister, Mrs. J.W. Higgs,Mrs. G.P. Frazer left Monday for Little Rock.

8 Apr 1915 - J.W. Higgs, Jr spent Sunday in the city visiting his parents.

3 Jun 1915 - Morton T. Higgs arrived at the city this morning from Fayetteville, Ark, where he has been attending the University, for a visit to his parents, Mr. & Mrs. J.W. Higgs, before going to his summer work.

10 Jun 1915 - Mrs. J.W. Higgs left yesterday for Royse, Texas, in answer to a message that her father was dying. She was accompanied to Hugo by her son, Morton.

24 Jun 1915 - Mrs. J.W. Higgs returned Monday from Royse City, Texas,where she was summoned two weeks ago to the beside of her dying father, Elder J.H. Cason, who passed away a short time after she reached his side. A better man or a stauncher Christian than Rev.J.H. Cason would be hard to find.

1 Jul 1915 - J.W. Higgs name is no longer on the masthead of the paper. Miss Betty Clay Cason of Dustin, Oklahoma, arrived in the city this morning and is a guest o Mrs. Lida Higgs.

1 Jul 1915 - J.W. Higgs, Jr, came over Thursday from Texarkana but returned Friday. His mother, brother, and two little sisters accompanied him to Texarkana to visit with him for a while.

29 Jul 1915 - J.W. Higgs and daughter, Miss Lida Higgs, are visiting at Texarkana.

19 Aug 1915 - Miss Lida Higgs arrived home today from a three weeks visit to points in Arkansas.

2 Sep 1915 - Miss Bettie Higgs has returned from a visit to DeQueen

7 Sep 1915 - Open letter to J.W. Higgs for political views printed on 2 Sep.

16 Dec 1915 - Morton Higgs will arrive Saturday. Will complete studies at the University of Arkansas in June. J.W. Higgs, who is the senior transit man on the southern end of the KCS, with headquarters at Texarkana, arrived at home today to spend the holidays with his parents.

13 Jan 1916 - See Higgs samples before you order a suit.

By mid-1918, the paper lists J.W. Higgs as editor and publisher, Tom Taylor is gone from the masthead.

14 Feb 1918 - Col. J.W. Higgs of the Democrat-Record force has been severely ill for several days, but we are glad to report is improving at this writing.

7 Mar 1918 - John W. Higgs died on the 2nd. Children surviving are Lt. J.W. Higgs, Lt. Morton T. Higgs, Lyda Higgs, Bettie Higgs, Mary Higgs.

On 14 Mar 1918, Tom Taylor is listed as Editor and Publisher again. 
Higgs, John William (I3534)
3209 Will is listed as a widower in the 1910 census. Garner, William P. (I3110)
3210 William and Catherine have different addresses when he registers for the WWII draft. Mulready, Catherine Alice (I8063)
3211 William and Rosannah were principally raised in Washington Co.,Tennessee. They later moved to Roane Co., near his mother andstep-father. They later moved to Madison Co., Alabama and had sevenchildren. Lambkin, William (I4156)
3212 William Bradford reports that Francis and Christian had three children, one of whom (this one) was "an idiot" and was unnamed in his writing. Eaton (I8901)
3213 William Bressie came to the colonies from England. He returned to England with his wife in 1670, but returned to Virginia prior to 1679. Upon his return to Virginia, he deeded land for a Quaker church, having taken up the Quaker faith, in spite of persecution of Quakers in Virginia at that time.

William Bressie made a will 22 January 1699 in Isle of Wight Co, which was proven 9 June 1701 in the same county. 
Bressie, William (I1203)
3214 William came to Virginia in the Neptune in 1618. Cole, William (I1997)
3215 William Cocke studied law and about 1774 moved to the Holstonsettlements in East Tennessee, where as captain of the militia hehelped to guard the frontiers during Dunmore's War and in 1775followed Daniel Boone to Kentucky where he was a member of the houseof delegates of the Transylvania Colony. During the RevolutionaryWar, he founght Indians and Tories. In 1777-78 he representedWasington Co. in the Virginia House of Delegates and in 1778 wassubsequently a member of the North Carolina legislature. A leader inthe movement to establish the State of Franklin in East Tennessee,1784-88, he helped form its constitution and was a member of itslegislature and Brigadier General of its militia, serving on itsCouncil of State and being sent as its delegate to the United StatesCongress, although never seated and unsuccessful in presenting thememorial for the state's recognition. Cocke, General William (I1965)
3216 William Coxe came to Virginia at the age of 12 aboard the Godspeed,which arrived 10 Jun 1610 with the party of Thomas West, Third Lord DeLa Warr. William Coxe may have been of the family of Sir Henry Coxeof Broxburne, Hertfordhsire based on a marriage to the brother ofThomas West.

William came to Virginia at the age of 12 aboard the ship Godspeed,which arrived 10 Jun 1610 with the party of Thomas West, Third Lord DeLa Ware. Thomas West's brother, Robert West, married Elizabeth Coxe,daughter of Sir Henry Coxe of Broxburne, Herfordshire. THis suggests(due to Williams presence in the party) that William and Elizabethcould have been siblings, or at least of that same family. 
Coxe, William (I2225)
3217 William died unmarried. Poythress, William (I5186)
3218 William Henry appears to be enumerated in the 1920 census, but the name appears as Leavin. He also is listed as 3/12 years old in Jan 1920. Almand, William Henry (I395)
3219 William Henry Cocke was killed in a discharge of a gun at Moro Castle. Cocke, William Henry (I1977)
3220 William is listed as a shoemaker in the 1900 Census. Boyle, William Henry (I1111)
3221 William is listed as a widower in 1910. Vance, William David (I6177)
3222 William is taxed for 114 acres worth $1000, 182 acres of school land worth $200, and 1 slave worth $800 and no poll. Vincent, William M (I6296)
3223 William Jemison to Thomas Barron. 16 Jan 1801. Deed for 212 acres on the northeast side of Cherokee Creek adjoining Thomas Ware, Joseph Parrish, James Harris, and Basil Wheat; part of three tracts granted to John Roberts and Robert Jemison. Witnessed: Basil Lamar and Jacob Lamar. A plat is included. Registered May 25, 1802. Pages 25-7.

Lincoln County Deed Book C 
Jimerson, William (I3938)
3224 William must have turned 18 in about January 1829. Faver, William P. (I2889)
3225 William never married. Fry, William Adams (I3063)
3226 William Orgill was married prior to marrying Elizabeth Frazer. He was married first at age 21 and she at 28, so he was married at least once before her. Family F463
3227 William paid a poll tax and had no taxable land or property in 1859. Hudson, William Irvin (I3787)
3228 William Peirce came as a part of the Third Supply to Jamestown aboardthe Sea Venture. During a hurricane on the voyage, the ship waspresumed (by the Jamestown settlers) to be lost. It was able to landin Bermuda (leading to the settlement of Bermuda), repair and buildnew ships and travel on to Jamestown the following spring.

William Peirce served as Lieutenant Governor of the Virginia Colony. 
Peirce, Captain William (I4967)
3229 William Teague received a Revolutionary War Pension.


Teague, William (I5902)
3230 William was a member of the House of Burgesses and of the fiverevolutionary conventions in Virginia. Acrill, William (I34)
3231 William was a member of the House of Burgesses from Charles City Co. Acrill, Captain William (I33)
3232 William was lost at sea. Cocke, William (I1968)
3233 William was the third son of John Farrar, the Elder. He arrived inVirginia in Aug 1618 aboard the Neptune with Lord De La Warr. In1623/4, Sisley Jordan was listed in a muster at his home at Jordan'sJourney. Shortly after her husband's death, she seemingly had agreedto marry Rev. Greville Pooley. Instead, she married William Farrarand the good Rev. sued in the first breach of promise suit in thecolonies. The case was eventually remanded to England and back toVirginia, being resolved in Jan 1624/5. Farrar, William (I2853)
3234 Williams was born after his father died. - a posthumous son of Philemon Kavanaugh, Sr.

After his marriage, he and his wife moved to Kentucky. 
Kavanaugh, Williams (I7416)
3235 Willie is listed as a widow in Jul 1900. But there is 1 year old child. Purtle, George (I5207)
3236 Willie is listed as a widow in this census. Lambert, Willie (I6899)
3237 Willie is listed as a widow, but aslo has a 1 year old child, so George hasn't been dead long. Almand, Willie B. (I407)
3238 Willie P. Vance and her husband had two children whose names areunknown. Vance, Willie Pauline (I6178)
3239 Wilson Carter appointed to jury duty for the next term.

This has to be Wilson Carter Sr. rather than Jr. since Jr. would not be of age to serve yet. 
Carter, Wilson C. (I1388)
3240 Witnessed by G.W. Wren Bridges, Herod Flourney (I1212)
3241 Worked as a machinist with Northern Pacific.

In his work application, he says he was born 12 Aug 1882 (should be 12 Aug 1879). He says he was born in Salida, Colorado. He says his parents are not living. He also says his sistern Anna Bailey Coulter is living in Raton, New Mexico 
Bailey, Hume Field Jr. (I615)
3242 Wren H Hudson (Mary H) asst regional director in charge FSA US Dept ofAgrl h2713 Kilgore av Higgs, Mary (I3536)
3243 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Wren, M.V. (I6739)
3244 Wren H Hudson (Mary H) asst regional director in charge FSA US Dept ofAgrl h2713 Kilgore av Wren, Henry Hudson (I6703)
3245 Wren papers say 11 Dec 1912, but the marriage book says 8 Dec 1912. Family F319
3246 Wren, H Hudson (Mary J) asst dir FSA h 2713 Kilgore av Higgs, Mary (I3536)
3247 Wren, H Hudson (Mary J) asst dir FSA h 2713 Kilgore av Wren, Henry Hudson (I6703)
3248 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Wren, M.V. (I6739)
3249 Wren, H Hudson (Mary J) state dir FSA h 5115 T

T St. is now Country Club Blvd in this section. 
Wren, Henry Hudson (I6703)
3250 Wren, H Hudson (Mary J) state dir FSA h 5115 T Higgs, Mary (I3536)

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