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3151 unmarried, childless Walton, Josiah (I8961)
3152 Unmarried, no children Eaton, Jabez (I8979)
3153 Unmarried. Non compos mentis. Eaton, William (I8978)
3154 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Boyd, S.E. (I1088)
3155 Uriah Allison served as a bondsman in 1820, Roane Co, Tennessee for William P. Smith. Could be that Uriah Allison Council was named for Uriah Allison, brother of Susan Allison.

In Nov. 1820, Uriah ALLISON of Roane County bought at the Hiwassee Land sale, eight tracts of land in the Hiwassee District. The acres given are 381, 13, 60, 160, 106, 120, 116 and (blank). A certain RILEY LOONEY, a Cherokee Indian, claimed most of the land for a reservation under the treaties made by the U.S. with the Cherokees in 1817 and 1819 commonly called Jackson's and Calhoun's Treaties. Uriah ALLISON swore to his statements 14 Sep 1826. In the decree, dated June 1829, the death of Uriah ALLISON being suggested the cause was abated. May Term 1830. pp 564-568. - Roane County, Tennesse Chancery Court records.

Col. Uriah ALLISON died in the early part of 1829, leaving his widow,Nancy C. and three daughters: Maria ALLISON who later married George NICHOLSON, Catherine ALLISON and Mary ALLISON. They lived at Kingston. Nancy C. the widow married Gen. John BROWN. Isham COX, dec'd and his wife Catherine were the parents of Nancy C. ALLISON BROWN. Isham COX had moved to Alabama in the Spring of 1830. Bartley COX was a son of Isham and his wife. Gen. John BROWN called Thomas and William BROWN his brothers. This was dated 27 Jun 1839. pp 310-322. - Roane County, Tennessee Chancery Court records. 
Allison, Col. Uriah (I193)
3156 Uriah was the third son in the Allison family named Uriah Sherrill. Allison, Uriah Sherrill (I194)
3157 US and International Marriage Records says Alyesberry was born in 1795 in Georgia. Shehee, Aylesbury (I5568)
3158 Veteran of WWI Long, L. Jewel (I4348)
3159 Vital record transcript appears to read 8 Feb instead of 3 Feb. Ellis, Nancy (I8669)
3160 Vol. 104, page 501 Lyons, Bridget H. (I7024)
3161 Volume: 7
Court Docket Number: 13973
Certificate Number: 1356 
Family F2890
3162 Voters list says that he has been in Texas for 11 years, in the county for 10 years, and in this precinct for 2 years. Bailey, Otway Licepious (I656)
3163 W 1/2, W 1/2, S 9, T 18, R 9 Wren, George Washington (I6698)
3164 W.L. Adair was killed in the Battle of Atlanta in the Civil War. He served in the 40th Regt Ga Infantry, CSA. Adair, William Levi (I59)
3165 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Bell, W.D. (I838)
3166 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Buntyn, J.S. (I1283)
3167 ware Ware, Nicholas Bolin (I6357)
3168 Was a medical doctor. Baird, John H. (I708)
3169 Was a Methodist preacher Dickson, John H. (I8163)
3170 Was an M.D. Wren, Herbert Benjamin (I6704)
3171 Was said to be the first birth in Salem. Conant, Roger (I8877)
3172 Was twin to Fernando. Hames (I3222)
3173 Washington and Franklin were twins.

Washington may have had a son Benjamin F who died at age 8 in 1845. I find death records that say he was the son of either Franklin or Washington. However, Franklin's son named Benjamin continues to be in the family household. 
Peterson, Washington (I8556)
3174 Wayne died on June 29, 1991 of complications from a brain tumor. After two surgeries and several rounds of chemotherapy, he finally was overcome by the cancer. He and Mom were only married 22 months when he died. Snipes, Kermit Wayne Jr. (I5732)
3175 We know very little about John H. Dickson. In the 1880 US Census, he reports that his father was from Tennessee and his mother was from Virginia. By the 1900 US Census, we find his family in the household of Jack A. Jones in Arkansas. From this, we can deduce that he died sometime between 1880 and 1900, most probably before 1889, based on the ages of the children of Jack A. Jones and his wife.

According to Eric Beard, John H. Dickson was the son of David and Elisa Dickson. This family lived in Talladega, AL at the time of John's birth, later moving to Leake Co., MS. At some point, John's sister Mary E. Dickson and her husband Lorenzo Dow Williams, along with John's brother William, moved from Leake Co., to Desoto Co., MS. It seems likely that John must have joined them there.

While many deeds are recorded during this time in Desoto and Tate Co.,MS, for William Dickson, the only records of John Dickson in Desoto Co., MS are a marriage record for J.H. Dickson to Martha A. Taylor and a mention in the 1873 tax assessment. In the 1880 US Census, John's wife is in fact recorded as Martha A. Dickson, so this appears to be the correct marriage record. However, no Taylor family has yet been found to place Martha in a family.

The 1873 tax assessment of Desoto Co, MS shows J.H. Dickson owning 80 acres.

The 1880 census of Prairie Co, AR shows him and his family. It shows his mother as from VA and his dad from TN. The 1890 census is lost, but 1900 shows his wife(?) and his children in the home of Jack A.Jones in Sebastian Co. From this, we can guess that he died around 1889.

While no family for Martha Taylor has been found, the 1870 US Census of Desoto Co., MS includes a family of William Taylor. Enumerated with this family is a J. Dickson, age 21. No Martha is in this family, however. Assuming that John is part of the family of David Dixon, in 1870, he is enumerated with his parents.

According to Rhonda Dickson, wife of David Noyle Dickson, grandson of Cecil Dickson, John Dickson married Martha Taylor. They knew this as factual, so the marriage records found in MS are the right ones.

MARRIAGE: IGI M516483, 1051 Need better Marriage Record. 
Dickson, John H. (I2580)
3176 We see this variation in the Nova Scotia records. Doucett, Remerl (I2646)
3177 Wesley Hudson and several other Hudson families are all found in Casey's district in 1850. Hiram Casey was captain of the district. He was an Irishman who had lived previously in Madison, GA. Possibly, the Hudsons were associated with him there. See p. 19, Franklin Garrett's Notes on Old Dekalb and Fulton County Families 1874 - 1932. Hudson, Wesley (I3785)
3178 Wesley Hudson has a Confederate headstone that is incorrect on almost every count - birth year, death year, and name are all incorrect. The unit he served with also appears incorrect.

BURIAL: Wesley is buried in the Lane Cemetery, just off Pumpkinvine Rd., GA 120, south of Dallas, GA. Horace Lane, in the 1980's, did much work to rehabilitate the cemetery. In doing this, he placed new stones on the graves of Wesley and Betsy Hudson. Owing to his confusion over Wesley Hudson's name, the name on the stone is incorrectly listed as John Wesley Hudson. 
Hudson, Wesley (I3785)
3179 Wesley Hudson was appointed road commissioner for the year, Militia District 469, Dekalb Co, along with Jesse Wood and Elijah Donahoo, J.P. Hudson, Wesley (I3785)
3180 Western State Hospital, where Mary died, "was the last state mental hospital to be constructed and habitually the one least funded."

Cason, Mary Favor (I1550)
3181 Wetherston never married. Orme, Wetherston (I7393)
3182 What looks like Camiol Larned is "Cannot be Learned" on the Death Certificate. Moriarty, Daniel David (I4740)
3183 When he registered for the WWII draft, he said he was born in 1891. Wren, Alonzo Floyd (I6660)
3184 When he selected John Faver as guardian, the court records refer to him as William P. Faver. Faver, William P. (I2889)
3185 When her father died, Frances was not allowed to select a guardian. Therefore, she was not yet 14 years old. Faver, Frances (I2870)
3186 When John Faver Jr died intestate, John M Richardson was appointed as administrator, his wife having declined. His father acted as security for John Richardson's bond and was appointed appraiser for the estate. Favor, John (I2891)
3187 When they were married, Charles is listed as a coachman and Cora as a shoe operative. Family F1405
3188 When Walter and Sarah married in 1878, this was his first and her second marriage. He was listed as a shoemake from E. Bridgewater and she was from S. Abington. He was listed as being born in Brockton. Hooper, Walter S. (I3678)
3189 Where in the world would I have gotten that she married M D Armstrong on 7 Oct 1896? Family F373
3190 While her tombstone says she was born in 1930, the fact that she is in the census in 1930 means it must have been in 1929 (as calculated by the census).

Additionally, a Social Security claim was made that suggested her birth date was 8 Oct 1927, which is also wrong. That claim put Prescott in Hempstead County, too. 
Hudson, Eva Lou (I3738)
3191 While I was originally confused about the identity of William's wife,it is now clearer. There is a William J. Hudson, sometimes listed asWilliam I. Hudson in Cobb County. He was a capt. in the CSA and acotton broker in Marrietta and is not our William. It is unfortunatethat I and J look too much alike. William J's wife was Virginia andthey had no children. William I married Mary E and they had somechildren.

The identity of William's wife is not clear. In once census, she isjust M. In 1880, she is Mary E, but the dates and other informationdo not match up very well. In the 1900 census, she is listed asVirginia E. In any case, in 1900, they are listed as never having hadchildren. That does not explain this Mary H. in the household. 
Mary E. (I2694)
3192 While playing with some companions and a dog, at the home of J.B. Isbell Sunday afternoon, Lida Higgs was bitten by the dog. The wound is not thought to be serious. Higgs, Lida (I3535)
3193 While this book is a historical novel, it is very much rooted in soundgenealogical research. The relationships in it are well documented orat least supposed based on good documentary evidence. The appendicesin the book detail the arguments and conclusions well. Source (S442)
3194 While this catalog says that it was published in 1845, at the end, it includes individual catalogs for several subsequent years, including 1845 when Giles P. Bailey graduated. At this point, he was living in Rockingham County, NC.

In medical school, his graduation essay was on amenorrhea. 
Bailey, Dr. Giles Pinkney (I8089)
3195 Who are Nancy's parents? In 1812, there is a Benjamin King living next to Lewis and her in Putnam County. He shows no poll tax, so he must be over 60 years old. Perhaps he is her father. Also, why would she name her first son William King Deshazo? For her father or a brother perhaps? King, Nancy (I4109)
3196 Who is Susan Hayden, age 77, in this family? Thayer, John (I7069)
3197 Who is the informant for his death certificate? Probably his wifeGeneva. Need to find their marriage record. Did they have children? Hudson, Howard Kimball (I3747)
3198 Whomever submitted these records to the LDS Ancestral File has some confusion going on over where people were. The children for this generation are almost identical to the ones for the next generation. David, Pierre (I2380)
3199 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Friesen, J.R. (I3054)
3200 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Friesen, H.J. (I3050)

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