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201 After his marriage to Elizabeth was annulled, Alexander lived alone and never married or had children. Left the bulk of his estate to the poor of Duplin County. Dickson, Alexander (I8190)
202 After John's death, Sarah moved to Kentucky. Adams, Sarah (I111)
203 After paying debts, estate is to be divided equally among children except for property as I may will away otherwise.

To daughters Nancy B. Watt, Sarah J. Law, and E.V. Graves, my three negro girls Vashti, Mary, and Hannah with their future increase.

To son Giles P. Bailey all that portion of my land..., tools, and my family Bible

To son Otway L. Bailey, that portion of my land...

To my grand daughter Anna Bailey Watt my girl Susan & her increase. If Anna should die before attaining full age or marriage, then this bequest goes to grand daughter Ella A. Watt.

To comply with a provision in Dr. Bailey's will, I substitute boy Moses for man Billy who was sold some years previous.

Nancy B. Watt to take the old woman Anna and take care of her, children pay to help support her.

Executors son G.P. Bailey, son-in-law Jno. R. Watt.

When presented in the August term of court, 1865, G.P. Bailey and R.B. Watt appointed as executors. 
Bethell, Sena (I8086)
204 Again, confusion over his birth date. 1822 or 1833. Seems to be more likely 1833. Moriarty, Daniel D. (I4739)
205 Agnes marriage to Thomas Cocke is not completely proven, though isassumed by Dorman. Powell, Agnes (I5165)
206 Aircraft foreman Meadlin, Horace Christopher (I4579)
207 Alabama Ancestry Administration Pages. https://www.ancestry.com/interactive/8799/007736933_00115?pid=7015719&backurl=https://search.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/sse.dll?indiv%3D1%26dbid%3D8799%26h%3D7015719%26tid%3D41552722%26pid%3D19642809954%26hid%3D17422475176%26usePUB%3Dtrue%26_phsrc%3DYfG4704%26_phstart%3Ddefault%26usePUBJs%3Dtrue&treeid=41552722&personid=19642809954&hintid=17422475176&usePUB=true&_phsrc=YfG4704&_phstart=default&usePUBJs=true#?imageId=007737009_01366

Pages 1356-1509 
Tennison, John B. (I5919)
208 Albert is listed as a widower, age 27. Susan is single and 26. The marriage was witnessed by "The family & friends of the Bride and a large company at 309 3rd St, NY" Family F2572
209 Alexander is taxed for 1 poll, so he is at least 18 years old. Vincent, Alexander A. (I6262)
210 Alfred and Mary are recorded as Alfred and Nancy Huckleberry Huckaby, Alfred (I3706)
211 Alfred seems awfully old so I am somewhat skeptical of his birth date. This must have been a second marriage for him since he was nearly 50when he married. Also, he continues to father children until he isnearly 70. Daniel, Alfred (I2324)
212 Allen never married. Cocke, Allen (I1767)
213 Also called Edwood in some sources.

In the Francis Bailey family record of 1863, he is listed as Edward Leeth Bailey 
Bailey, Edward Lee (I591)
214 Also have seen 1868, but his gravestone says 1866 Scott, Junius W. (I5493)
215 Also listed in the house in 1860 is Henry Rigney, age 3. It seems likely that Henry is the grandson (or maybe even son) of George Rigney and Mary Council. Council, Capt. John Moore (I2129)
216 Also listed in this house is an Allis C Cook, granddaughter, so there is an elder daughter still not listed. Patterson, Mattie Dee (I4943)
217 Also recorded some places as John Thomas Asbury Wren. Name also recorded as Thomas Atticus Asbury WREN, and birthdate as 31 Jan 1834

MARRIAGE: Claiborne Parish, Louisiana, Book 1, p. 295 
Wren, John Thomas Asbury (I6710)
218 Also seen as 1 Jan 1715 Doucet, Jean dit Jean Prudent (I2642)
219 Also seen as 1913. Doucette, Anna Sophia (I2650)
220 Also seen as 1917 Wren, John Turner (I7547)
221 Also seen as 1927 Wren, Robert Dean (I7549)
222 Also seen as Brady Len. Tennyson, Brady Lee (I5946)
223 Also seen as Currie. Tennyson, Curry Lesley (I5948)
224 Also seen as George W. Gann.

George never married. 
Gann, George R. (I6986)
225 Also seen as Jun 1855.

Listed as 1 year old in 1860 Census. Mason's Membership card says 1858. Birth record in town list says 1857, but it's mixed in with some other delayed recording. Could be 1856, could be 1857, could be 1858. I tend to believe 1858 since it fits with all of the census records. 
Jenkins, Anson Witherell (I7073)
226 Also seen as Mary C. Gann, Mary E (I7094)
227 Also seen as Minnie E. Gann, Millie E. (I7088)
228 Also seen as Raif, Railf. Vickers, Ralph (I6241)
229 Also seen as Saloma P. Thayer, Salome Pool (I7044)
230 Also seen as Wadcy. Tennyson, Wady Tommy (I5976)
231 Also seen listed as Hannah.

Heflin, Elizabeth "Fanny" (I3492)
232 Also spelled Brazure, Brashear, Brasier, Brassieux, Brashure. Brasseur, Mary (I1162)
233 Amera is enumerated as Emma in the 1900 census. Hudson, Amera F. E. (I3721)
234 Andrew reports that his father is from Wales. Gates, Andrew J. (I3116)
235 Ann received a legal separation from her second husband, ThomasMcGinnis on 3 Jan 1810. Cocke, Ann (I1773)
236 Anna and John had twelve children - 8 sons and 4 daughters Vickers, Anna Nixon (I6196)
237 Anne Elizabeth died in infancy. Cary, Anne Elizabeth (I1396)
238 Anne is seen in the 1850 Census as Ann E. Annie L. (I4129)
239 Anne O'Brien notes that Seaborn and Nancy's marriage date is 9 Dec1840. Liz Layson shows her birth as 24 Feb 1849. Almand, Nancy Jane (I335)
240 Anne was Francis second wife. Smith, Francis (I5680)
241 Annie is listed as 3 years old in 1910. Scruggs, Annie Ward (I5510)
242 Annie is listed as a school teacher living with her parents in the 1930 city directory of Spartanburg Scruggs, Annie Ward (I5510)
243 Another Bailey family record lists his birth as 11 May 1796.

BIRTH: IGI 7735608,73 
Bailey, Francis Baker (I602)
244 Another family record records her birth as 6 March 1802. Hill, Evalina Belmont (I3552)
245 Anson is listed as a porter at the shoe factory. He lists that he his married rather than widowed or divorced, but Clara is not a part of the family at this point. Jenkins, Anson Witherell (I7073)
246 Anson is listed as widowed. This explains the confusion in the 1930 census. He *was* married, but was currently widowed.

Rotha is listed as his ward, since she was actually the niece of his deceased wife.

Also in the home is a boarder, the son of Russian immigrants, and a house keeper. 
Jenkins, Anson Witherell (I7073)
247 Apparently, after his death, his oldest three children selected or had appointed John Faver Sr as guardian. Presumably they may have lived with him. The younger three by 1841 were in Mississippi and had a guardian appointed there. That means that they must have moved there, maybe with their mother. Faver, John (I2875)
248 Apparently, Giles never married. He never appears with a wife or family in the census and bequeaths all his property to his siblings and their families. Bailey, Dr. Giles Pinkney (I8089)
249 Apparently, Mary was pregnant when Wiley died. This would put WileyJr's birth early in 1863. Dennard, Wiley (I2474)
250 Apparently, some of the Favers were living in Mississippi in about 1840. There are account records in the guardianship accounting of Frances in 1841 for expenses for the return to Alabama from Mississippi. Faver, Frances (I2870)

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