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151 According to the 1900 census, Ellen immigrated in 1893 and 5 of her 6 children were alive. She is listed as 67 years old with a birth date of Jan 1833. This means she ages 13 years between censuses, but that she loses 10 or 11 years on her death certificate. Based on the address, this is the same family, but the age is still a question.

In 1900, Ellen reports that she arrived in 1893. 
Connor, Ellen (I2018)
152 According to the 1900 Census, George was born in 1857. His tombstonesays 1856. Hudson, George Wesley (I3743)
153 According to the 1900 census, Julia arrived in 1892 and her only child is living still. Julia (I7153)
154 According to the 1900 Census, Margaret is a widow. She has had 8 children, of whom, 7 are still living. That means that either John or Joseph died between 1880 and 1900. Farley, Margaret (I2834)
155 According to the 1900 Census, Martha had 10 children, of whom 6 wereliving still at the enumeration. Conine, Martha A. (I2017)
156 According to the 1900 Census, Myrtle had already had 4 children, only 1 of whom was living. Bailey, Myrtle Alena (I650)
157 According to the 1900 census, Patrick arrived in 1893 and is a resident alien. Moriarty, Patrick D. (I7152)
158 According to the 1900 Census, she was born in 1833. According to the 1910 census, she was born in 1830. And according to her death certificate, she was born in 1844.

Apparently, no one really knew how old Ellen was. In 1901 in his life insurance application, Daniel said that his mother was living and 80 years old. 
Connor, Ellen (I2018)
159 According to the 1910 & 1920 Census, Fannie Cole was born inTennessee, as were her parents. Other sources claim her to be born inthe Indian Territories.

Additionally, the 1910 Census reports that she had 5 children, 4 ofwhom were living in 1910. The 5th child is not listed in this family. 
Cole, Fannie Elizabeth (I1990)
160 According to the 1910 census, he was born in 1850.
According to the 1900 census, he was born in 1854.
According to the 1920 census, he was born in 1846.

His father is from Tennessee, his mother is from Virginia. Most censuses report him from Tennessee. 
Berry, James Thomas (I876)
161 According to the 1910 census, Joe and Julia have been married 27 years. Family F2577
162 According to the 1910 census, Julia arrived in 1891, is 36 years old, and all 5 of her children are living. Julia (I7153)
163 According to the 1910 census, Patrick arrived in 1892 and is a naturalized citizen and is 45 years old. Moriarty, Patrick D. (I7152)
164 According to the 1910 census, she has had 9 children, 5 of whom are alive. Annie L. (I8455)
165 According to the 1910 census, this is the first marriage for Charlie & Annice. They have been married for 8 years and have had 2 children, both living. Jordan, Anice (I4023)
166 According to the 1920 census, Daniel emmigrated in 1886 and was naturalized in 1900. Moriarty, Daniel David (I4740)
167 According to the 1920 Census, Nellie's parents were from Ireland. Callahan, Ellen Theresa (I1334)
168 According to the 1920 census, she arrived in the US in 1882. Killip, Evangeline (I4087)
169 According to the 1920 census, she was born in 1856 Williams, Mary Catharine (I6534)
170 According to the 1920 census, she was naturalized in 1888. Killip, Evangeline (I4087)
171 According to the 1930 census, John is 20 years old, but according to the 1920 census, he was 12 years old. Jones, John D. (I8059)
172 According to the 1940 census, Annie had attended 4 years of college and was the book keeper in her husband's grocery store. Scruggs, Annie Ward (I5510)
173 According to the 1940 census, Annie was 33 years old, which would put her birth in 1907 rather than 1905. Scruggs, Annie Ward (I5510)
174 According to the 1940 census, Everett had attended 4 years of college, was the proprietor of a retail grocery store and had worked 55 hours / week. Johnson, Everett Vance (I3958)
175 According to the Crawford Co., AR Marriage Book H, J.W. Dickson, age 24, married Myrtle Ballentine, age 19, on 8 Mar 1908. The marriage was performed by C.W. O'Kelley.

SSDI: Maybe SS card issued in WV. SSN 233-01-5741

NAME: Everyone appears to have always called him Walter, but he may have been J. Walter

Southwest Times Record Obituary (or other paper)

J..W. Dickson

J.W. Dickson, 78, of Route Two, Alma, Arkansas, father of Mrs. Eula Newell of Fort Smith, died at his home Thursday morning after a long illness. A retired farmer, Mr. Dickson was a former resident of Rudy,Ark, and moved to Alma in 1929. He was a charter member of Kenner Chapel church near Rudy. Other survivors include a son, Alvie C. of the home; another daughter, Mrs. Helen Kalinsky of Detroit, Mich; a sister Mrs. Minnie Shifflett of Bristow, Okla; and six grandchildren.Funeral arrangements are incomplete at Ocker Funeral Home, Van Buren. 
Dickson, Joseph Walter (I2603)
176 According to the deed of sale, this land is part of Putnam that either used to be or became Baldwin. Bridges, Solomon (I1224)
177 According to the family story, Charlie Ross left the family in 1907, leaving Cora with three small daughters.

In the record, there is a Citifore S. and Mary L. Ross who have a son Charles, born 2 Feb 1879 in Boston, a twin to Martha W. Ross. These are unlikely to be the parents of our Charlie Ross, since this family is black, with parents from Africa and Washington, DC..

In any case, Charles remains a mystery. In 1910, Cora reports that she has been married for 9 years, but Charles is not in the household. In 1920, she reports that she is widowed. She may be widowed or she may be divorced. Further research is needed.

In 1910, there is a Charles Ross living in Brockton that is the right age and may well be this Charles. He and his wife of three years, Fannie, are living as boarders in the home of Aaron Burnham. This would coincide with his abandonment of his family in 1907. It would mean that either he chose to remarry without getting a divorce or he and Cora were divorced. This needs further research. At the time of the 1910 Census, he was living only a few blocks away from his daughter Rotha, who was separated from the rest of the family.

It appears that sometime around 1907, Charles left the family - his wife and children. By 1910, he was close by living as husband and wife with Fannie White, but they had not yet married. In 1916, they married in Vermont and settled there as if they had never married before.

However, the parents listed on the Charles Ross / Cora Hooper marriage record do not match the ones for the Charles Ross / Fannie White record in Vermont. So far, I cannot find Charles in any record prior to his 1900 census, nor can I find either set of parents

Ross / Hooper set - Henry C Ross and Mary Paulding
Ross / White set - George F Ross and Elizabeth W Baldwin

While the marriage of Cora and Charles took place in Whitman, there are no Whitman records in the Mass. Town & Vital Records Collection. 
Ross, Charles Franklin (I5410)
178 According to the History of Pope County, Arkansas, Evalina B. Hill was Evalina Belmont Hill. She was said to be the widow of John Hill rather than the daughter of John Hill. Other sources have always said that she was the daughter of John Hill. However, the John and Elizabeth Marshall Hill family fits very well with Evalina.

On 16 Aug 1848, a letter was sent to Mrs. E.B. Bailey in Warsaw, Benton Co, Missouri. This means that at least this part of the family had moved there. Based on other correspondence, it seems that some of Evalina's family was living there.

Ref: [bailey, 1963, ] 
Hill, Evalina Belmont (I3552)
179 According to the Randolph death registry, Francis was killed - shot while robbing a store. He died at Massachusetts General Hospital. He was listed as married, aged 43 years, 2 months, 21 days, a bootmaker, born and living in Randolph. Boyle, Francis W. (I7016)
180 According to trees on Ancestry.com, Richard and Patricia have 2 sons and a daughter. The sons would be good candidates for DNA testing. Hudson, Richard Wesley (I3776)
181 Ada is listed as married for 4 years, having had 4 children, 2 of whom are alive. But, her husband Bob is not found in the household. Ada is listed as invalid. Hames, Ada A. (I3224)
182 Address as of 2013:
Home (435) 656-0115
2185 W 970 N
Saint George, UT 84770-4885 
Hudson, Robert Wheeler (I7511)
183 Address as of 2013:
Home (575) 628-1364
910 N Richard St
Carlsbad, NM 88220-4568 
Hudson, Ricky Dale (I7520)
184 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Stockton, J.W. (I5818)
185 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Graves, M.J. (I3178)
186 Adopted. Cook, Stan (I2024)
187 Adopted. Cook, Shawn (I2023)
188 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Boyd, W.O. III (I1091)
189 After a weekend visit with her sister, Mrs. J.W. Higgs, Mrs. G.P. Frazer left Monday for Little Rock. Cason, Mary Favor (I1550)
190 After her divorce from Bob Wasserberger, she never remarried. Shetook her mother's maiden name as her own. Weingarten, Mary Ellen (I6420)
191 After his marriage to Elizabeth was annulled, Alexander lived alone and never married or had children. Left the bulk of his estate to the poor of Duplin County. Dickson, Alexander (I8190)
192 After John's death, Sarah moved to Kentucky. Adams, Sarah (I111)
193 After paying debts, estate is to be divided equally among children except for property as I may will away otherwise.

To daughters Nancy B. Watt, Sarah J. Law, and E.V. Graves, my three negro girls Vashti, Mary, and Hannah with their future increase.

To son Giles P. Bailey all that portion of my land..., tools, and my family Bible

To son Otway L. Bailey, that portion of my land...

To my grand daughter Anna Bailey Watt my girl Susan & her increase. If Anna should die before attaining full age or marriage, then this bequest goes to grand daughter Ella A. Watt.

To comply with a provision in Dr. Bailey's will, I substitute boy Moses for man Billy who was sold some years previous.

Nancy B. Watt to take the old woman Anna and take care of her, children pay to help support her.

Executors son G.P. Bailey, son-in-law Jno. R. Watt.

When presented in the August term of court, 1865, G.P. Bailey and R.B. Watt appointed as executors. 
Bethell, Sena (I8086)
194 Agnes marriage to Thomas Cocke is not completely proven, though isassumed by Dorman. Powell, Agnes (I5165)
195 Aircraft foreman Meadlin, Horace Christopher (I4579)
196 Albert is listed as a widower, age 27. Susan is single and 26. The marriage was witnessed by "The family & friends of the Bride and a large company at 309 3rd St, NY" Family F2572
197 Alexander is taxed for 1 poll, so he is at least 18 years old. Vincent, Alexander A. (I6262)
198 Alfred and Mary are recorded as Alfred and Nancy Huckleberry Huckaby, Alfred (I3706)
199 Alfred seems awfully old so I am somewhat skeptical of his birth date. This must have been a second marriage for him since he was nearly 50when he married. Also, he continues to father children until he isnearly 70. Daniel, Alfred (I2324)
200 Allen never married. Cocke, Allen (I1767)

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